Tips on achieving goals

Tips on achieving goals
… my iPhone,” Weiss said. “I want to get back to what I had when I was younger and found that magic in books.” … Hurricane resident Regina Lawless said her New Year's resolution is to stop smoking — a resolution that has failed two years in a row …
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Easing into resolutions for another new year
More than 10 years ago Skoworodko made a resolution to quit smoking, today she is smoke free. Jackie Xie is making a resolution that she … “I will practice, I will check out audio books and at the same time, I will read a printed book. I have to pay …
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“Pop Quiz” column for Jan. 2, 2013
WHAT I'M READING: “I read music trade mags, Atomic Ranch, The New York Times, and I'm finishing up a book titled 'Vinyl Junkie.'” WHAT I'M … I quit smoking seven years ago, but I still love my cool ashtrays, cigarette filters, cases and lighters. I …
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